9 Powerful Tricks For Study

One of the biggest problems that youngsters face is not being able to study well. Nowadays studying is not supposed to do with hard work but with smart work. I am gonna discuss a few of the best tricks and techniques to study effectively.


1. Be consistent 

Studies are something that we remember about only when our exams are over head. We start studying when toppers are all set to do their third or fourth revision. One thing that topper students do is they do not study for a long time but they study a little everyday, they always pay attention to what is taught to them and always make it a point to revise everything during their study hours. This makes it easy for them to revise it during exams. Consistency is the key to achieve your academic goals.


2. Discuss with friends 

We always remember things which we discuss with our friend,we also get to know more things related to it during the discussion. What will happen if you discuss topics related to your studies with your friends? Group studies help you stay motivated and share the knowledge you have gained with each other. Group studying will also help you stay interested in studies.


3. Use technology for studying 

Gone are the days when classroom teaching, books and libraries were the only source of learning. Today we have various online courses, free of cost apps and E-books to learn from. Students definitely use technology for everything except for studying but little do you know how useful technology will be for your studies. Technology has made it convenient and easy to access any kind of knowledge and information. It is your responsibility as a student to make right use of it.


4. Meditation 

One of the biggest issues with students is that they find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. Lack of concentration leads to unnecessary distractions and inefficient learning. Meditation is an art of concentration which is to be taught to every young person. The habit of meditation inculcates regular practice to master concentration in every task that you perform. As a beginner you can start with a quick 20 minutes meditation and increase the time span slowly.


5. 40 minutes reward technique 

Now this is a technique where you study a particular subject for 40 minutes following a reward break of 15 minutes. You may continue studying another subject for 40 minutes after the reward break. This technique is proven to be effective because your brain supports you for your 40 minutes study because it is aware of the 15 minutes reward which you will get after 40 min of concentration. This way you can study efficiently and effectively without wasting your time.


6. Know your best time to study 

There are two sets of learners, one who find early mornings as the best time to study and the others who find late nights as the best time to study. Now it is not necessary to be one of these two kinds of people. Best time is basically the hour of the day when you feel totally motivated and concentrated towards study. To find out your best time to study, try studying at different times of the day and see when you feel really good. It can be early mornings or late nights or even in the afternoon. Once you find your suitable time slot, make efficient use of it to learn efficiently.


7. Develop Interest 

From childhood we have been considering studies as a burden and something that you just want to get done with. But studies shouldn't be something depressing, it should be fun. I am done blaming Indian education system for being so inefficient instead why don't we try to indulge in fun studying. Instead of by hearting the concept , try to understand it. There are various fun videos on YouTube and other Internet platforms where you can learn more about the concepts. Make it a habit to do your own little research on every new concept that you learn.


8. Micro- Notes

Science reveals that just reading will ensure only 10% of remembrance whereas reading, listening and writing will ensure upto 70% of remembrance level. That is why I would suggest you read loud enough to hear it and once you are finished reading, write down notes based on what you have understood. Micro note making will surely help you out with remembering concepts for a longer term.


9. Power of power nap 

While you are preparing for exams or for a test you must have experienced moments of exhaustion or tiredness when you feel like you wouldn't be able to learn more. It's very usual to feel that way, and a very resulting solution to it is power napping. Power naps are short naps which is like a refreshing period for your mind. A power nap of around 45 minutes is considered  effective.



All students are capable of achieving great grades and the only difference between toppers and average students is that toppers do smart work and average students work hard. Yes hard work is important but working hard where smart work is required is not a smart move.

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