9 Tips To Boost Your self Confidence

9 Tips To Boost Your self Confidence 

Are you having a hard time trusting yourself? Are you someone who is afraid to commit to anything? Do you feel Insecure about yourself? Well, who doesn't?  We all go through a lot of struggle where we are in constant self doubt. Eventually we all learn to trust ourselves over anyone else. Self confidence is nothing less than a super power! Here are a few tips to help you acquire this superpower.


1. Make yourself a priority 

You don't trust yourself because you don't know yourself. Spend enough time with yourself, do some activities which you love to do alone. Go on a solo trip, it doesn't have to be something big, start doing small things. The more time you spend with yourself the more you will get to know about you. The more you get to know yourself the more you will start trusting yourself.


2. Write down your plus and minus points

Once you start spending time with yourself you will realise your own weaknesses and strengths. All you have to do is pay attention to plus and minus points and jot them down. Once you are aware of your weaknesses, you can work on them to overcome them. Knowing your strengths will help you exceed your plus points.


3. Explore your hobbies 

Do more of what you like to explore yourself. A hobby is not just something that you do during your leisure time. But a hobby is something that makes your life interesting, you learn various skills through a fun way. Why wouldn't you be confident if you have substantial skills. A person's hobby makes them realise what they are good at, it is a good way to realise your strengths.


4. Involve yourself in any physical activity 

It is a proven fact that any sort of physical exercise improves the mental health of the person. Involving in physical exercise elevates stress and depression to a considerable amount. It is noticed that in most of the cases self confidence is involved with body perception. Getting yourself engaged in a physical activity will do you great good.


5. Set personal goals 

Pointless life can take the liveliness out of you. Give yourself a chance to excel in every aspect of your life. Set goals, set challenges to push yourself in the right direction. Having a plan gives you a purpose to wake up every day.


6. Practice gratitude 

Rhonda Byrne in her book 'The Magic' talks about gratitude saying that the universal law of gratitude is that 'like attracts like', which means the more you are grateful for your life the more reasons you will get to feel grateful. Hence train your mind to see the good in every situation presented to you. Every confident person is confident because they are grateful for who they are.


7. Be positive 

Being positive isn't pretending that everything is good, it's seeing the good in everything. When you worry about something, you lose your confidence. When you are positive about things you have nothing to be uncertain about.  Positive vibes are attractive whereas negative vibes are repulsive.


8. Do not compare yourself with others 

Comparing yourself to others is being unfair to yourself. In spite of being humans we all are different, we have different dreams and goals, we choose different ways to achieve those dreams. Yes we all are running a race but we have different goals and our own distinct ways to achieve those goals. Respect yourself, respect your uniqueness.


9. Appreciate yourself 

Be good to yourself. How can you expect others to appreciate you and your work if you yourself don't appreciate your work and the efforts you put in. Appreciate every effort you put it, be your own motivation,  take time to treat yourself. Do little things to make yourself happy and content. Accepting yourself will make you feel comfortable about yourself and that is how you will gain confidence.



Mandy Hale rightly says, "Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful without needing someone to tell you that". Attaining self confidence takes lots of efforts, you are needed to put  on daily basis. Own yourself, own your actions and be proud of yourself!

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