Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Have you ever felt a fear or anxiety of not being somewhere and missing out the fun someone else might be having? Well then you have experienced FOMO (fear of missing out ) which is a social anxiety faced today by the majority of youngsters. Which means you are not the only one to experience FOMO and FOMO is real and is one of the biggest stress factors in youngsters. FOMO can affect your self esteem, your social life and your mental health very badly. Let's understand FOMO and different ways to cope with it


What is FOMO and how to recognise it?

The Internet and social media has now become a platform where people display their personal and social life. Earlier society used to set social standards, nowadays the same thing is done by social media by portraying and glorifying a particular way of living life. Youngsters trust everything that they come across in social media and try to follow these social standards. While many struggle to keep up with the influencing social world many of them fail very badly. Youngsters are forced to criticise their own life and life choices that they forget to love themselves and small things in their life. The fear that you experience when you feel like you are not up to the mark and lacking or missing out an important aspect of social life, that fear and that anxiety is FOMO.


FOMO is not something new to us. Remember the feeling you used to get when you were forced to do your homework but your friends were playing outdoors? You weren't able to do your homework well because of the thought of the fun your friends were having. Back then it wasn't something to worry about but today excessive use of social media has made it a serious issue.

Lack of Interest in day to day activities, mood swings, being angry or depressed for no reason, feeling unhappy are few of the symptoms of FOMO that you might be experiencing.


How to cope with FOMO?


1. Take a break 

The earth doesn't revolve around you hence its totally OK to take a break and disappear from this world. Social is supposed to be a great platform for business marketing and for general people as a great distraction. But if you are taking it too seriously means that you definitely need to take a break. A social detox is basically taking a break from all the social media platforms. Trust me this break will remind you of your real self and of the people and things that really matter to you.


2. Make your happy things list 

It is the small things in life which makes us smile and feel happy. Social media has successfully made us forget what real happiness is. Take some efforts to capture or write down those happy moments of your day to day life, it can be blossoming of a flower, it can be baking a successful cake or a smile from someone you like. Write it down and make it a point to appreciate these moments. And what if nothing good happens in your life? Then do things which make you feel good, it can be painting, cooking, gardening or just long walks in a park. You are the person capable of making you feel happy.


3. Set your priorities 

This is a great way to avoid getting affected by things that don't matter to you. Once you set your priorities you set boundaries to things which matter to you. FOMO is basically developed by getting affected by unnecessary things. Having a clear set of priorities gives clarity to your mind.



Before finishing off let me introduce you to another term JOMO(joy of missing out) something positive. JOMO is appreciating and enjoying what you have and what you do. Always remember that there is no point in comparing your life with someone else's, we all are different in different ways.

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