99% Indians Do These 5 Mistakes

Everyone make mistakes in their day to day life. Mistakes are not to be considered as something wrong but should be a way to learn and improve yourself. I'm not talking about individual mistakes today, i'm talking about what common mistakes most of the 135. 26 crores Indians make.


Not investing in ourselves 

Warren Buffett who's net worth is 590000 crores also known as the king of stock market when asked about his best investment, "that $100 which I spent for public speaking and communication classes". Warren Buffett adds up saying that if back then he wouldn't have invested in himself then he wouldn't have come so far. Always remember that school education might be enough to do a job and that job might be enough to take care of your necessities but will never be enough to fulfill your dreams. And if you dream for bigger things you will have to invest in learning new skills to achieve your dreams. We spend so much money on unnecessary things but when it comes to learning something new we hesitate. But always remember spending on education and learning something new is not an expense but an investment, an investment which will definitely pay off in the future.


1. We make negative use of available platforms

Facebook, Instagram kind of apps are such a great platform to market your business and reach more customers but all we do is spend hours and hours staring at unknown people's images and envy other people's lifestyle. Positive use of Mobile, laptop, Internet can change your life but all we do is waste our time and instead get addicted to these.


2. Getting Influenced by the society

They say successful people change the world with their decisions whereas others change their decisions according to the world. It is very obvious for people to blame you, make fun of you and stand against you when you swim against the wave and don't go with the flow just as others. In situations you are your only motivation, it is your responsibility to believe in your dreams to believe in your decisions. Don't forget that this is a world where you will get blamed for not earning anything and also for earning too much. This society will always find a way to blame you even if you do or don't do anything.


3. We always try to follow others

One of my friends started earning 10k per month by blogging. Looking at his, my other friends also started blogging just to earn money as my other friend did. But what happened is all of them who started blogging looking at my other friend lost interest in it and stopped blogging within a month or two. Always remember that we all are different, all of us have different interests, different skills and strengths. What works for you might not work for your friend. And that is why we need to make our own road maps rather than blindly following someone else's way.


4. We don't understand the importance of time

We all know that time is precious, a moment lost will remain lost forever. We waste so much time on gossiping, watching netflix, strolling on social media. Instead of wasting time we can use it productively,we can make positive use of social media and available platforms. Instead of gossiping about unnecessary things and unknown people you can instead share ideas and thoughts with your friends, you can exchange knowledge  rather than just chatting. Invest your time rather than wasting it.



Someone great said, "Don't carry your mistakes around with you. instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones". If you are making mistakes that means you are doing something. And doing something is always better than doing nothing.

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