Dealing with Rejection

Rejections are unavoidable in life. Everyone at some point of time has to face rejections, it is impossible to avoid it. What rejections do is it creates a kind of a negative vibe within us which makes us feel embarrassed and depressed. Rejection can be a stepping stone or a crushing stone depending on how you take it. Dealing with Rejection is very important in self-development. Let's see how you can gain an optimistic outlook towards rejections coming on your way.


1.Rejection means you are trying 

Rejection always means that you are actually trying something. And trying means putting efforts to achieve something. And trying is more important than winning. It doesn't matter if you have been rejected, what matters is you are putting constant efforts in learning throughout the process. The journey towards success is something that you should enjoy rather than stress about winning.


2. Acknowledge your emotions

Dealing with rejection starts with acceptance. Instead of living in denial, start accepting your rejection. There is no one in this world who hasn't been rejected, hence there is no point in being ashamed of yourself. Always remember that rejection is not equal failure.


3. Talk about it 

Rejections may lead to stress if not talked about. Bottled up emotions  can create a nasty situation, hence it is important to talk about it. Talk to your loved ones about how you feel, share your experience. Talking about your feelings is not just for the sake of receiving answers but it gives you a feeling of relief.


4. Positivity is must 

No one would be able to achieve with a negative mindset. Positivity is the sunshine of your life which is must. Everything seems to be doomed with lack of positivity. Even a little bit of optimism cheers up an empty mind. Rejection can be a negative thing but try to find out the positive things in it.


5. Have some me time 

Humans are not machines. You are capable of feeling pain, stress, self doubts which is totally natural. When everything seems off you can always spend some alone time with yourself. It will give you a moment to access things and situations and deal with the issues to overcome it. This is called self-healing and it is a must for dealing with every difficult situation.


6. Think well before you take risk 

When people say risks are unavoidable they don't mean that you must take every possible risk. No! Risks are also something that are to be chosen. You are not meant to face every risk known to mankind, you are always given choices to choose the kind of risk you will be able to handle. To get it right all you have to do is recognise your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. If you are facing lots of rejections, this can be a reason for it.


7. Learn from your experiences 

Every rejection, every set back, every hardship is an experience. This is not something you should forget but it is something to learn from. No matter what you are facing or going through, make it a point to take lessons from your experiences. Make mistakes and learn from it, this is what you should do to avoid getting rejected.


Conclusion :

Self doubt is the biggest harm any rejection would do to you. Always remember Rejections either means try again or take a different route. Never does it mean that you are not good enough. Face rejections in such a way that it makes you stronger every time instead of weakening you.

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