How to overcome laziness?

How to overcome laziness? 

Feeling lazy once in a while is totally normal. But are you someone who feels lazy at all times of the day? If yes then it is a problem which needs your attention. It might not seem  problematic to be a couch potato, but little do you know how it might affect your overall productivity. Let's find a way to stop laziness from conquering your life.Laziness fuels more laziness. And to stop this overpowering laziness, we need to know the potential reasons behind laziness.


1.Lack of Motivation 

Everything that we do is backed by motivation. Motivation for doing something can be anything. Motivation pushes you everyday to get things done. Nothing is possible with lack of motivation. You can never feel lazy if you are motivated enough to work towards your goals.


2.Lack of sleep

How you wake up in the morning depends on how well you slept in the night. Sleep deficiency is very dangerous for your physical and mental health in the long run. Lack of sleep might be one of the reasons for feeling lazy. Due to improper sleep patterns, you end up waking all cranky and disturbed which directly affects your productivity.


3.Fear of Reality 

Things might not be going on well for you, you might want to skip the present to avoid all the current issues that you might be facing. It is totally natural to feel that way. Fear of facing the reality can be one of the reasons for not being active and interested in your day to day life.



Depression is a mood disorder which is taking over people's lives. A person affected by depression will always try to hide from reality. In depression sleep isn't just a sleep but it becomes an escape. Procrastination and laziness can be side effects of underlying depression.



We all come across different types of distractions in our day to day life. Distractions differ based on the power of the distraction. It is usual to get distracted from your actual work. Being distracted can be one of the reasons for feeling lazy and not getting things done.

No matter what the reason for your laziness might be, on the brighter side, laziness can be tackled! Let's see how you can overcome your never ending laziness:


6.Check your sleeping pattern

Lack of proper sleep is one of the biggest reasons for feeling lazy. 7 hours of tight sleep is a must for every adult individual. Make sure that you get 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. Every individual has a different sleeping pattern, some prefer a 7-8 hours of stretched sleep whereas few people prefer a divided sleep pattern of 5 hours and 2-3 hours at another time of the day. See how your body reacts to different sleep patterns and choose the one that suits you most. Adequate sleep will help you in tackling laziness.


7.Check your diet 

What you eat and how much you eat also makes a difference while tackling laziness. Few foods are prone to increase your energy level while some foods might make you lazy and sluggish. Excessive intake of rice, fried and processed foods and snacks are heavy in calories which has the ability to make you lazy. Increase your protein intake, eggs, yoghurt, unprocessed food. How much you eat also matters here, eat only if you are hungry.


 8.Know your productive time of the day 

Productive time is that time of the day when you feel most motivated to perform a task. Few people feel productive during the morning time whereas few people are night owls who feel active during night times. Find out which is your productive time of the day and do your important tasks during that time of the day. Prepare your to do list according to your productive time.


9.Set a morning ritual 

How you start your day also has a massive effect on how your day proceeds. Having a morning ritual and following it daily will make sure that you start your day rightly according to you. Few people like to take a long walk in the park or meditate for an hour or exercise for a few hours. See what works out for you and make it a ritual to follow it.


10.Take some lazy time off 

It is not possible to be active at all times of the day. You cannot just cut the lazy part out of your daily routine. Instead you can give yourself an hour or so to just relax and be lazy. Make sure that you set a time limit for your lazy time out.



Wake up everyday and choose anything over laziness. Feeling lazy is very usual but you can also decide not to be lazy. Success is not achieved by being lazy! Wake up and get working!

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