Complexity Issues In Teenagers

Adolescence is that stage of your life where you start questioning anything and everything. Things which seemed to be simple earlier start getting complicated. You start changing internally and externally. Adolescence period is filled with excitement, as well as stress and anxiety at the same time. Balancing oneself stuck between contrasting feelings is quite challenging. It is absolutely true that every teenager faces complexity issues in their life but no one ever talks about it. And that is our problem. Let's face it, let's talk about it!


1. Struggling between social and personal life

Biggest issue that a teenager would face is the fear of not being accepted or the fear of not being a part of the group. Groupism has been and is still an unavoidable part of school and college life. Every person is expected to have a fantastic social life and a decorated social media page. Little do we know that our experience is what matters not the social media posts and stories. If you are suffering in your personal life how are you supposed to be happy on your social media page? But that is what is happening which is not right. Accept your current state of mind because there is no point of pretending.


2. Trust issues

As a teenager you never feel safe with anyone, it becomes difficult to trust anyone. You become skeptical about every decision you make. You get afraid to commit yourself to a particular thing or a person. You become overprotective of yourself which makes it difficult for other people to make contact with you. Having trust issues is not a bad thing but all you need to do is be more vocal about it. Express your fear to the people in your life. Share your feelings and make sure that you give everyone a chance to gain your trust.


3. Not fitting under the definition of conventional beauty

Looks are something that seems to be important when you are young. Personality of a person isn't considered as important as a person's outer appearance amongst teens. And anyone who doesn't fit under the definition of conventional beauty is declared an outsider and is treated like one. This has to change. No matter how you look, it's your own body and you have to own it with pride. No one has any role to play in how they look and hence everyone should be respected irrespective of their looks.


4. Drugs, alcohol and what not!

It is often portrayed in movies that a sad person drinks a lot or smokes a lot. And to suppress their feelings and emotions teenagers get into substance abuse. Peer pressure has also been a big reason for teenagers getting into drugs and stuff. Few minutes of escape from reality is what alcohol can provide you but when you confront your problems, you will get constant relief which is real. Drugs and alcohol will do more harm than good to you and you have to accept that truth.


5. Love or infatuation?

When you are a teenager you experience a different kind of a strong attraction towards the preferred sex. This attraction is often confused to be love. And this confusion leads to various heart breaks and relationship issues amongst teenagers. It is to be understood that not every attraction is love, it can be infatuation. A strong attraction which lives only for a short term is known as infatuation. It is important to understand the difference between the two to stay away from unnecessary heart breaks.


6. Individuality

Adolescence is a great stage of life where you can learn, explore and build your personality. But it is a difficult phase wherein so many teens lose their Individuality and become one with the crowd. First you need to understand yourself to keep your Individuality intact. Your Individuality is your identity, It makes you different from the crowd and you need to cherish it at all times.


Winston Churchill once said, "Out of intense complexities, intense simplicity emerges"

When you are facing a problem, you will always find it to be big and complicated. But when you try to step aside and look at your problems as an outsider, you will always find the proper solution. There is nothing that cannot be solved.

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