Mangesh Shinde is, Online Entrepreneur Influencer Marketing Expert Sales Expert

An Engineer turned Young Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Motivational Speaker, Marketing Consultant, and Business Coach - Mangesh Shinde is the Founder and CEO of Blue Eye Entertainment and WillStar Media. Mangesh Shinde is a motivational speaker who has won 2M+ hearts of youngsters through his motivational YouTube channel, The WillPower Star. He was born to inspire and he considers it as his responsibility to motivate our nation's young minds to excel in every aspect of their life.

  • He is the Founder and CEO of WillStar Media.
  • He is also the Founder of The WillPower Star.
  • He is on a mission to provide easy to understand and quality content to the Hustlers through an E-Learning platform.

The WillPower Star

  • The WillPower Star is a community of people who want to be Unstoppable
  • With active subscriber base of 20 lakhs
  • We create quality content on Motivation, Online Business and Personal Development

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